DIY Upcycled Geometric Tray Tutorial (Ferm Living Rip Off)

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I absolutely adore the Ferm Living Spear Tray in light wood and pastel colored geometric pattern. However, the price tag says $80 and I would never pay that much money for a tray. Instead I decided to make a DIY version of the Ferm Living Tray and the material only costed $4!

I started off with a hideous brown tray with a rooster motif. It got quite the makeover…

DIY Bricka |



An old tray, sandpaper, geometric patterned paper (I used this one), glue stick, brush and matte varnish.

How to:

1. Find an old tray at a flee market or in the attic.

2. Use sandpaper to remove old paint.

3. Remove old varnish or plastic coating from the surface.

4. Cut out a piece of pretty paper exactly as big as the tray.

5. Apply glue, preferably from a glue stick, on the tray. You can also use Mod Podge.

6. Place the paper on the tray and smooth out bubbles. Let dry.

DIY Bricka |

7. When the glue is completely dry, coat the tray with a matte varnish. Let dry and then apply a second coat.


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