DIY Fern Leaf Print Pillows Tutorial

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DIY Fern Leaf Print Pillows Tutorial |

The current theme September 2015 in Monthly Makers is nature and I just had to participate! When you live far out in the countryside, as I do, nature easily becomes the greatest source of inspiration (plus free flower shop, pantry, gym and craft store).

I really like craft projects where you, at least partially, use material from nature or reuse old things from thrift stores or some dusty corner of a depot. It’s so much nicer both for your wallet and for the environment!

DIY Fern Leaf Print Pillows Tutorial |

But let’s get back to the DIY project. I’ve had some boring, white pillows in my sofa for quite some time now and they’ve started to bug me. I wanted to bring a little bit more “life” into the living room. Since I love green leaves and plants, I decided that was going to be the motif.

I went for a walk in the forest with my dog, picked some fern leaves and used them to make a textile print on the pillows. Here’s how you do it:

DIY Fern Leaf Print Pillows Tutorial |



Freshly picked fern leaves, white pillow covers, dark green (or green + black) textile paint, a small paint brush, an iron, a small towel, a mini roller (optional), some newspapers and paper towels.

DIY Fern Leaf Print Pillows | Hungry Heart

How to: DIY ormbunke kuddar steg för steg

  1. Pick some fresh fern leaves or other leaves that you like. Make sure they don’t have time to dry out before you start your DIY.
  2. Place the towel inside a pillow cover. (You need the towel to prevent paint from staining the backside of the pillow cover). Choose a nice looking fern leaf and figure out where you want the print from it to be placed.
  3. Spread out some old newspapers on your workspace. Place a fern leaf on top of a newspaper and put paint on the leaf and its stem with a small paint brush.
  4. Place the fern leaf on the pillow cover with the paint side facing downwards. Use the miniroller or your fingertips to press on each and every part of the fern leaf. It’s a good idea to practise printing on a piece of paper a couple of times before you print on pillow covers. Let the print dry completely before you proceed.
  5. Turn the pillow cover inside out when the paint is dry. Place the towel inside the pillow cover. Iron on the backside of the print according to the instructions on the paint package. This step fixates the paint.
  6. Your project is finished! Put your beautiful fern leaf pillows in your sofa and be incredibly proud of what you’ve created!

DIY Fern Leaf Print Pillows Tutorial |

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