DIY Fall Leaf Tea Bags Tutorial

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DIY Fall Leaf Tea Bags Tutorial | Hungry Heart

Okey, so this DIY contains all my favorite things about fall: colorful leaves, coziness and big cups with steaming hot tea. It’s perfect as a hostess gift or just to make your own life a little bit prettier. Just gather some beautiful fall leaves and you’ll be done in a couple of minutes!

Here’s how you do it:

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A couple of beautiful fresh fall leaves (not dry ones), a stapler, some tea bags (plus cotton twine and a pair of scissors if there’s no twine attached to the tea bags). If you’re making this as a hostess gift you also need a pretty tea cup (preferably from a flea market).

How to:

  1. Pick some fresh fall leaves in pretty colors. Please note that the leaves cannot be dry, because if so, they will crumble when you staple them.
  2. If your tea bag doesn’t have a twine attached to it, then cut a piece of cotton twine, make a loop in one end of it and staple the loop to the tea bag.
  3. Make a loop in the other end of the twine. Place the loop on the backside of a leaf, and attach the loop to the leaf with a stapler.
  4. If you’re making the leaf tea bags as a hostess gift, place your tea bag(s) in the thrifted tea cup and wrap it.


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