DIY Nail Polish Thumbtacks Tutorial + Marbled Thumbtacks

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DIY Häftstift med nagellack |

DIY doesn’t have to be complicated! Sometimes all it takes is a minut to transform something rather dull into something much more colorful and fun.

Here, I’ve painted ordinary thumbtacks in beautiful colors and I also made a marbled effect on some. I didn’t even have to go to the craft store, but used nail polish!

You’ll find the step by step tutorial further down in this post. Plus, I’m sharing a super smart trick on how to get a pretty result without risking fingerprints and smudging while the paint is drying!

DIY Häftstift målade med nagellack |

I’m the type of person who almost feels sad when I see a box with 100 white thumbtacks that look exactly the same. Since thumbtacks often are used to pin notes about dentist appointments and other rather boring things in life, the least you can do is to make them a bit more cheerful.

DIY Nagellacksmålade häftstift |

Here’s how you paint thumbtacks with nail polish:

DIY Marmorerade häftstift med nagellack |



Thumbtacks, nail polish and a kitchen sponge

How to:

  1. First a really clever trick: push the unpainted thumbtacks into a kitchen sponge as seen on the picture above. The sponge holds the thumbtacks in place while painting them, allows them to dry flat without the paint running and makes everything less messy.
  2. Apply nail polish on the thumbtacks. If needed you can let the paint dry and then apply a second coat. Don’t remove the thumbtacks from the sponge until they have dried completely!
  3. If you want to make thumbtacks with a marbled effect, simply don’t shake the nail polish before applying. For marbleized thumbtacks with different colors: apply a really generous layer of first nail polish color, apply a drop of second nail polish color on top, gently make some strokes /swirls with a small brush. Let dry over night.

DIY Marmorerade häftstift |

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