DIY Clay Donut Accessories Tutorial

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DIY Clay Donut Accessories Tutorial | Hungry Heart

Aren’t these DIY clay donut accessories so cute that you almost want to eat them? I mean, they are teeny tiny, pastel colored and look like the real deal. What’s not to like!

It turns out, that this kawaii jewelry also is super easy and fun to make. Just follow the step by step tutorial further down in this post!

DIY Clay Donut Keyring Tutorial |

I turned my clay donuts into a necklace, hair clip and keychain but you can also glue them onto magnets or thumbtacks for example.

DIY Clay Donut Necklace Tutorial |

Here’s the tutorial on how to make clay donuts:

(Just want to warn you that it’s hard to stop making them!!)

DIY Clay Donut Necklace Step-by-Step Tutorial |



Polymer clay in beige, pink, white and mint, regular oven, small knife, something to make the donut hole with (e g brush shaft or awl) and a metal loop. If you want to make other accessories than a necklace you also need a keyring, hair clip and strong glue.

How to:

  1. Make a small ball with beige clay.
  2. Flatten the ball a bit.
  3. Make a hole in the center of the donut.
  4. Use a piece of white, pink or mint clay for frosting, flatten it and try to make the edges uneven (because then it looks like the frosting in dripping).
  5. Put the frosting on top of the donut and fold down the edges. Carefully squeeze the parts together.
  6. Make a hole in the center.
  7. Roll really tiny strings of clay to make sprinkles or glaze.
  8. For glaze: put a string in zigzag on top of the donut. For sprinkles: cut small pieces of a clay string and put on top of the donut.
  9. If you’re making a necklace or keychain: insert the metal loop on the side of the donut according to the picture.
  10. Dry the donut in the oven according to instructions on the clay package.
  11. If you’re making a hair clip: glue donuts on the hair clip with strong glue.

DIY Clay Donut Accessories Tutorial |

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    29 March, 2018

    Do you have any of these keychains available for purchase? I would LOVE a green one with sprinkles :)

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