DIY Origami Flower Tutorial

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DIY Origami Flower Step-by-Step Tutorial |

This is an easy DIY origami flower suitable for beginners. I’m going to show you how to fold the origami flower with step by step folding instructions and pictures.

DIY Origami Flower Step-by-Step Tutorial |



5 square shaped papers per flower (I cut out squares from regular printer paper), glue, paperclips.

Folding instructions:

  1. Cut out five equally big squares of paper or use origami paper. (The side of the squares that I used for the flowers glued to the branches in the photos were 5,2 cm).
  2. Fold one of the squares diagonally.
  3. Make sure the fold is the base of the triangle, lift up the left corner towards the top of the triangle and fold.
  4. Repeat on the right side.
  5. Fold down the left “wing”. The side of the wing that formerly was aligned with the center line, should now be aligned with the lower left side.
  6. Repeat on the right side.
  7. Poke a finger between the layers on the left side according to picture above.
  8. Flatten.
  9. Repeat step 7-8 on the right side.
  10. Fold down the triangle that sticks out, so it ends up on the backside.
  11. Put the triangle you just folded down between the layers of paper according to picture.
  12. It should look like this.
  13. Repeat step 10-12 on the right side. Then it should look like this.
  14. Fold the lower sides upwards using the already excisting folding lines.
  15. Apply glue here.
  16. And here also.
  17. Press the two glued sides together.
  18. A paper clip holds it all together while the glue is drying.
  19. Now that was one petal! Make four more (five in total).
  20. Glue the five petals together to make a flower.
  21. You’re done! Good work!

DIY Origami Flowers Step-by-Step Tutorial |

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