DIY Paper Diamond Tutorial with FREE Template

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DIY Paper Diamonds with FREE Template | Hungry Heart

Paper diamonds are such a pretty way to bring a flair of modern luxury to your home without breaking the bank. You can also use them as stylish gift boxes – perhaps for an engagement party or a wedding?

I’m going to show you how to make a DIY paper diamond step by step and I’ve also created a free printable template for you.

DIY Paper Diamonds with FREE Template | Hungry Heart

DIY Paper Diamonds with FREE Template | Hungry Heart

Here’s how to make the paper diamonds:

DIY Paper Diamond Step-by-Step Tutorial with FREE Template |



Stiff paper, scissors, glue gun, pencil, ruler and and something to crease the paper with, e.g. the backside of a knife / scalpel or a weatherstrip tool.

How to:

  1. Download the free template file and print it. (If you want a smaller diamond you can scale the picture when printing it. In the uppermost photo in this blog post you can see the diamond made in 100%, 75%, 50& and 25% of the original size). Please note that the template is for personal use only and that it’s prohibited to share, publish, sell or distribute the template in any way. But of course it’s okey to share your finished diamonds! =)
  2. Cut out the template as accurate as possible. It should look like this.
  3. Place the stiff paper with the colored / pretty side down and put the template on top. Draw along the contours of the template as accurate as you can.
  4. Cut along the lines.
  5. Mark the folding lines with a pencil as seen on the template (see picture above).
  6. Crease the paper by drawing with the weatherstrip tool or the upper side of a knife / scalpel along all lines and use a ruler to get it straight. If necessary repeat. Then fold along all lines.
  7. It should look like this when you’re done.
  8. Now it’s time to glue the diamond together! First apply glue on the long paper flap and assemble (it should look somewhat like a funnel). Then glue all the small papers flaps onto the octagon.
  9. And you’re done! If showing your finished diamond on your blog or in social media – please give som love back by linking to this blog post or tag on Instagram. <3

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DIY Paper Diamonds with FREE Template | Hungry Heart

DIY Paper Diamonds with FREE Template | Hungry Heart

DIY Paper Diamonds with FREE Template | Hungry Heart

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14 May, 2016



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    4 April, 2017

    We are struggling to glue the last tab to the octagon. Any advice?

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      5 April, 2017

      Hi there!
      My best advice is to apply glue to all of the last three tabs all at once and then put them in place. I hope that helps! Best of luck with your diamond. =)

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    6 May, 2018

    How do you make the larger sizes of the diamonds?

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    4 June, 2019

    Thanks for the templates. My son is building a paper sword for a friend, and he wants and esmerald on the top. You really help the project.

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    1 March, 2020

    Hey. Thanks for this. It´s awesome!!

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