DIY Super Mario Mobile Tutorial

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DIY Super Mario Mobile Tutorial |

Some friends of mine were going to decorate a Super Mario nursery and I decided to make a DIY Super Mario mobile for their baby.

My first memory of a TV game is the retro Super Mario with big pixels. By using beads when making the mobile, I automatically recreated the old school pixelated look.

Here’s how to make a retro Super Mario mobile step by step:

DIY Super Mario Mobile Tutorial |



Hama pinboard, hama beads, parchment paper, iron, fishing line / nylon line, crimp beads, small pliers, metal loop (e.g. from a lamp shade or hanging fruit basket), spray paint.

How to:

  1. Put the hama beads on the pinboard according to these free patterns: mushrooms, flower, stargold coin, Mario.
  2. Turn on the iron (setting: high temperature / cotton, NO steam). Put a sheet of parchment paper over the beads and iron until fused together. Let the beads cool under something heavy, like books, to keep their shape.
  3. Make sure you’ve made all six bead figures.
  4. Spray paint the metal loop white if needed.
  5. Thread a piece of fishing line through the top of every bead figure. Secure with a crimp bead. The line attached to Mario should be longer than the other ones.
  6. Attach all lines, except for the one with Mario, to the metal loop with crimp beads. Attach four new lines with crimp beads to the metal loop. Tie the other end of the lines together in the middle with Mario.

DIY Super Mario Mobile Tutorial |

DIY Hama Bead Super Mario Mobile Tutorial |

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