DIY Rough Concrete & Gold Bowl Tutorial

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DIY Concrete Bowl with Gold Pattern | Hungry Heart

I’m really fond of combining contrasting materials and expressions. This time I made a rough concrete bowl with visible air bubbles and uneven edges, but with a delicately patterned inside and luxurious gold splashes. The bowl might look fancy, but it’s actually really easy to make. You’ll find the step by step tutorial further down in this blog post.

DIY Concrete Bowl with Gold Pattern | Hungry Heart

The inside of the bowl

DIY Concrete Bowl with Gold Pattern | Hungry Heart



Fine grained concrete, water, bucket, something to stir with, big plastic bowl, cooking oil, glass bowl with pattern, hammer, towel and gold spray.

How to:

  1. Mix concrete according to instructions on package, but only the amount required for making a bowl.
  2. Grease plastic bowl with cooking oil. Pour the mixed concrete into plastic bowl. Press down glass bowl into concrete and place something heavy in the glass bowl to keep in place. Do not shake the plastic bowl at all if you want the “rough” concrete look.
  3. Let harden for three days.
  4. Turn the plastic bowl upside down (place something soft underneath) and tap/bang on it until the concrete lets go of the plastic bowl. Wrap a towel around the outside of the concrete bowl and put it back in the plastic bowl. (The towel will make it easier to get the bowl out next time and protects it from cracking).
  5. Crack glass bowl with hammer. Carefully remove all shards of glass.
  6. Remove the concrete bowl from the plastic bowl and spray paint the inside of it with gold.

DIY Concrete Bowl with Gold Pattern | Hungry Heart

DIY Concrete Bowl with Gold Pattern | Hungry Heart

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