DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder that looks like a Bow Tie / Bow

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DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder | Hungry Heart

Hands up every dog owner who has forgotten the dog waste bags at home sometime! Yup, it sure is easily done. I guess that’s why we tie bags to the leash or use an ugly, plastic dog waste bag dispenser, although it dangles and is in the way. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be unpractical and homely!

I’m going to show you how to make this clever and cute DIY dog waste bag holder. You attach it directly to the dog collar and it looks like a snazzy bow tie or bow. In stead of hiding (or forgetting) the dog waste bags, they turn into a decoration!

DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder | Hungry Heart

This DIY dog waste bag holder won’t bother your dog at all, unlike common bag dispensers. It’s only side effect is that it will make your puppy look totally stylish and elegant!

If you prefer an even more discreet solution, you can turn the dog waste bag into a tiny roll and attach it to the dog collar. Then it looks like this (click).

DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder | Hungry Heart

As you can see we once again have snow in Sweden although it’s almost May. But I must say it’s kind of suitable when having a photo session with a dog named Polar Bear… =)

Here’s how to make a DIY dog waste bag holder:

DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder Tutorial | Hungry Heart



A belt or a piece of reused leather/fake leather, scissors/knife, revolving hole punch, snap fastener kit, hammer and dog waste bag. Optional: paint.

How to:

  1. Cut out a piece of leather from the belt. Chose whatever width you like and the length should be…
  2. …the length should be just over three times the width of the dog collar (see picture).
  3. Mark where to put the snap fasteners and then make holes there with the revolving hole punch.
  4. Attach the snap fasteners to the holes according to instructions on package. Paint the snap fasteners if you want to.
  5. Fold one or several dog waste bags into a rectangle.
  6. Pinch the center of the bags to make them look like a “butterfly”. Attach them to the dog collar with the smart DIY dog waste bag holder that you just made.

I’d love to see how YOUR DIY dog waste bag holder turned out! Tag or link to this blog post so I can find you! =) 

DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder | Hungry Heart

DIY Dog Waste Bag Holder | Hungry Heart

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