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Are you feeling inspired by what you’ve seen and want to share a picture? Sure, I love collaborating with other blogs and media, but please read the terms on this page first. I’m all about sharing, but I also want it it to be fair! =)

All photos, tutorials, patterns, designs and texts are created by and belong to if not otherwise stated. You may use ONE photo of the finished result on your personal blog (NOT step by step photos, templates or patterns), as long as you distinctly state that the picture is made by Hungry Heart and link back to the original blog post at Hungry Heart.

Please note:

  • You may NOT copy or publish any of my tutorials. Please link to my blog instead.
  • You are NOT allowed to remove water marks.
  • If you run a blog or website with commercial interests, you must always ask me before you publish my photo.
  • Using my material (e.g. photos, tutorials, templates, designs) for any kind of commercial purposes prior to my written consent is FORBIDDEN.
  • It is NEVER allowed to share my step by step photos, templates or patterns.

If you want to use my material in print or for editorial purposes, please contact me at info(at)hungryheart(dot)se.

When borrowing a picture I’d love to see your blog post! Please let me know by sending me an e-mail. 

Thank you for linking with love! <3