DIY Concrete Trivet with Transformable Shape (IKEA Hack)

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DIY Concrete Trivet | Hungry HeartYou can easily transform this modern DIY concrete trivet into different shapes. By putting the concrete rods in a variety of patterns, you not only change the look of the trivet. It’s also a way to adjust the size of the trivet to suit both small saucepans and big pots and pans. Plus it folds up neatly and takes up little space in your kitchen cabinet.

It’s easier than you think to create nice looking concrete rods and make holes in them without even using a drill. The secret? An ice cube tray from IKEA, straws and blu-tack!

(Step by step tutorial further down in this blog post).

DIY Concrete Trivet with Transformable Shape | Hungry Heart

You can e.g. place the trivet’s concrete rods in a row, in a zigzag pattern or shaped as a sun or a square. I like variation and have chosen to leave one end of the cord untied to be able to quickly change the look of the trivet. But if you only want one shape, simply cut the cord into desired length and tie it together with a knot.

DIY Concrete Trivet | Hungry Heart

I strive for sustainability and try to chose reused material for crafting. In this DIY I used a 25 year old leather cord and an ice cube tray that I was going to give away for charity. Instead it got repurposed as a concrete mold.

Here’s how to make a DIY concrete trivet with transformable shape:

DIY Concrete Trivet Tutorial | Hungry Heart



Fine grained concrete, rod-shaped ice cube tray (I used “Plastis” from IKEA), leather cord (preferably reused), blu-tack, scissors, small sharp knife, 2 transparent straws that are wide enough to fit the leather cord inside.

How to:

If you’d rather drill holes in the concrete rods, you can go directly to step 4.

  1. Cut the straw into pieces that are exactly as long as the width of the ice cube tray’s furrows. The pieces of straw should sit tightly against the sides of the furrow but not get deformed. Cut two pieces of straw for each furrow.
  2. Fill each piece of straw with blu-tack. Make sure there’s a bit extra blu-tack sticking out from the ends. (The blu-tack helps the straws keeping their shape, holds them in place and prevents concrete from trickle into the straws).
  3. Put the pieces of straw in place in the ice cube tray according to picture. Remove excess blu-tack.
  4. Mix concrete according to instructions on package. Fill each furrow with concrete all the way up. Make sure the pieces of straw are completely covered with concrete. Gently tap or drop the ice cube tray from a short distance onto a hard surface repeatedly. (It’s important to get rid of air bubbles to make the finished trivet durable. I tapped for 10 minutes to be safe). If any piece of straw gets misplaced during the tapping – simply put it back where it belongs. Let the concrete harden in a cool place for three days. If you keep it in room temperature, you need to cover it with plastic.
  5. Gently remove concrete rods from ice cube tray. Remove blu-tack with a knife but not the pieces of straw. If you’d rather drill the holes – now’s the time.
  6. Thread a leather cord through the holes.

DIY Concrete & Leather Trivet | Hungry Heart

DIY Concrete Trivet | Hungry Heart

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