DIY Diamond Pendant Light with FREE Template

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DIY Diamond Pendant Light w FREE Template | Hungry Heart

I love stylish, geometric shapes (as you probably know by now) and today I’m going to share a tutorial on how to create a lampshade shaped as a diamond with you!

You could make the diamond pendant light in minimal white, dramatic black or perhaps colorful yellow. Combine the diamond lampshade with a cord in a matching shade or an entirely different color to create contrast.

As usual I’ve made a template and easy to follow step by step tutorial for you. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

DIY Diamond Pendant Light w FREE Template | Hungry Heart

My first idea was to use a double layer of card stock for the lampshade. That way I could make the outside in matte black and the inside in shining gold. Then I decided to go more discrete and chose white instead. I already had a textile cord, but wasn’t really thrilled about it’s neon green color. Some spray paint later it was silver colored instead!

Now the DIY diamond pendant light hangs in my living room and it’s spreading such a beautiful glow. I’m totally in love with it!

Here’s how you make your own diamond pendant light:

DIY Diamond Pendant Light w FREE Template | Hungry Heart



A lamp holder with textile cord. 4 pieces of printer size card stock (I used European standard paper size A4).

Tools: glue gun, ruler, scissors, scalpel, cutting mat and something to crease the paper with, e.g. the backside of a scalpel / knife or a weatherstrip tool.

Template: I’m not able to share the template for free any more. Please contact me on info [a] hungry if you want to purchase the template.

How to:

  1. Print 4 pieces of the template directly on the card stock. Please note that the template is for personal use only and that it’s prohibited to share, publish, sell or distribute the template in any way. But of course it’s okey to share pictures of your finished diamond pendant light! =)
  2. Cut out one pattern piece.
  3. Crease the pattern piece by drawing with the weatherstrip tool or the upper side of a scalpel / knife along all folding lines. Use a ruler to get the lines straight.
  4. Fold along all lines and make sure the lines are on the inside of the pattern piece.
  5. Repeat with all pattern pieces. (There are 8 in total).
  6. Apply glue on one of the long paper flaps and attach it to another pattern piece. Repeat with all long paper flaps but one. (You have to be able to insert the lamp holder later).
  7. Lay the paper model flat on a cutting mat. Cut out a hole in the middle for the lamp cord (see picture). Fold the lampshade in it’s right shape to make sure the hole fits properly (but don’t glue yet!).
  8. Apply glue on one short paper flap at a time and assemble, but leave one flap unglued.
  9. Insert the lamp holder / cord and glue the last piece of the diamond together.

Please credit Hungry Heart as the designer and link to this blog post or tag on Instagram, if you share pictures of your finished diamond pendant light. <3

DIY Diamond Pendant Light w FREE Template | Hungry Heart

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    4 April, 2017

    Shit vad fint det blev Ruth! Du är ett sånt proffs!!

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    16 May, 2017

    I just started following you on Instagram. I love that diamond shaped pendant. Thank you in advance for sending me your free template.
    Alice G

    • Reply


      29 May, 2017

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Alice! Best of luck with your diamond pendant!
      Love, Ruth

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    13 September, 2018

    IM interested in purchasing this template how do I go about that?!?